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General Rules & Regulations - Revised 04/17/2022

1. All persons flying at the club shall possess a valid and current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership and they shall adhere to all applicable rules and regulations as outlined in the AMA Safety Code and associated documents and all Georgia Jets Flying club rules and regulations. The Georgia Jets Flying Club rules and regulations are posted in the club pavilion.

2. All new members must complete the new member indoctrination course prior to unsupervised operation at the club field. New members will be given a welcome aboard letter outlining the requirement along with contact information of those members who are authorized to complete the indoctrination course. The new member is responsible for arranging a meeting in order to complete the course.

3. All members operating aircraft for recreational purposes are required to comply with the FAA regulations covered under 49 USC 44809 and advisory circular 91-57. This includes FAA registration, marking all aircraft with the owners’ registration number, and completion of the FAA general knowledge test (TRUST). See FAA Drone Zone and AMA TRUST . 4. All persons operating turbine-powered aircraft shall possess an AMA turbine waiver. Turbine-powered aircraft shall be operated in accordance with AMA document 513.

5. All members who hold a turbine waiver shall successfully complete five turbine flights under the supervision of an experienced turbine waiver holding club member prior to unsupervised turbine operation at the club field.

6. All members who wish to operate aircraft under LMA or LTMA rules shall complete the certification process including issuance of the permit to fly, prior to unrestricted operation at the Georgia Jets field. Unless certified, all flights at the field shall be in accordance with and for the purpose of obtaining the permit to fly as outlined in AMA document 520-A. All members operating under LMA or LTMA rules are to have required documentation in their possession while operating LMA/LTMA aircraft.

7. Flying guests of members shall reference the guest sign in book at the club pavilion. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests sign in and are familiar with club rules. Failure to ensure that their guests sign in shall result in that member losing the privilege to host guests. Members will always have priority over guests when determining flight line order.

8. All members and guests are expected to display proper decorum at all times. Adversarial or discourteous actions will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of all members to call attention to the offending person and if unresolved, to report the offending person to the Board.

9. Deliberate unsafe flying or operating practices will not be tolerated. The offending pilot will be asked to discontinue unsafe practices, and if unwilling to comply, after board deliberation, dismissed from the club.

10. All spectators shall remain south of a line extending from the rear corners of the pavilion extending the length of the runway.

11. Members shall maintain control over trash. No trash is to be left on site when vacating the field. This includes debris from crashed aircraft, support equipment and cigarette butts.



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