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The Georgia Jets Airfield is located near the intersection of Alps Road and GA Hwy 74/85 in northeastern Meriwether County between the towns of Alvaton and Gay. Please refer to the Driving Directions page for driving directions. The airfield officially opened on June 5, 2004.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Flying site property is 192 acres.
  • Asphalt runway is 1000' X 60' of which the inner 500' of length is 70' wide.
  • Runoffs include 45' grass apron around the asphalt runway with 200' grass overruns on each runway end.
  • North apron is also used as a 1400' X 45' grass runway adjacent to and north of the asphalt runway.
  • Grass is Centipede. The grass runway, aprons and overruns are sodded whereas all other areas are seeded.
  • Irrigation system for the grass runway, aprons and overruns is installed throughout on all sides of the runway.
  • Covered Pavilion is 74' X 25' that includes a 18' X 25' enclosed storage room.
  • Drilled well, spacious parking, pavilion bathroom and other amenities.

The runways are aligned west-north-west to east-south-east in order to accommodate the prevailing Georgia winds. This orientation also positions the sun at the pilot's back during all daylight hours. This site accommodates the extended overflight areas and safety zones called for in the AMA's Recommended RC Flying Site Specifications (AMA document No. 706).



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