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Georgia Jets is an AMA sanctioned club that is very active in the turbine and ducted fan segments of model aviation. However, we are always looking for new members and Georgia Jets membership is open to all branches of the hobby in addition to jets. If you are a model aviation enthusiast and live in or near the state of Georgia then you should consider joining the Georgia Jets Flying club. Georgia Jets is fortunate to have one of the best flying sites in the country and a very friendly membership.

Other benefits to a Georgia Jets Membership include a subscription to the Georgia Jets e-mail list server and a email account ( The e-mail list server is a discussion forum on model airplanes and other aviation related topics. The list server is also used to schedule flying outings and coordinate activities such as travel arrangements to modeling events across the country. email accounts include POP and SMTP services.

All of our members openly share their knowledge and experiences to ensure your success. Check us out, then download the Membership Application and come join us for fun and adventure!



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